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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General FAQs

The what, when, and where of AudiologyNOW! plus general policies

Registration and Hotel FAQs

Dates, policies, procedures and guidelines of registering and reserving your hotel room for AudiologyNOW!

Student FAQs

Answers to common questions from students

Presenter FAQs

Answers to common questions for those presenting at AudiologyNOW!

Exhibitor FAQs

Answers for companies exhibiting at AudiologyNOW!


General FAQs

AudiologyNOW! Policies

Cancellation Policy


About AudiologyNOW! and attendance history

Never been to an AudiologyNOW! before? We have some tips for you.

How to register and who can register.

How to make hotel reservations within the Academy block.

Media coverage during AudiologyNOW!

What Orlando has to offer and getting around the city.

Where can I obtain a letter for Visa support?

After you register for AudiologyNOW! you will be asked if you need an invitation letter for Visa application. If you are an exhibitor or attendee that needs the letter of invitation prior to registration, contact us.

More information on International Travel.

How can I save money on registration, hotel, and travel for AudiologyNOW!?

There are a number of ways to save on registration, hotel, and travel for AudiologyNOW! each year.

Here are some helpful tips to start with:

Register early: Did you know most registration types can save over $100 by registering by the early registration date as opposed to on-site? Check out the rates and deadlines.

Book in the Academy hotel block or share a room with a colleague or classmate: Hotel rates, like airfares, vary greatly. The Academy negotiated low room rates due to the number of rooms required to accommodate all conference participants. We have taken great care to book quality hotels that offer competitive rates and amenities. Read more on why you should book in the Academy block.

Another option is to put our room sharing forum into good use. The Academy has formed an online forum for attendees to arrange to share a hotel room in an effort to help attendees save on hotel costs. For more details, visit our room sharing forum.

Discount Codes: Each year, the Academy requests discount codes to offer our conference attendees on airfare when booking travel arrangements. This information is located in our travel section along with tips on saving money while in Orlando.

I didn’t get my conference preview in the mail. What happened?

The Academy does not mail a preview version of the program book. Attendees may view session information online using the conference planner and resources located in our Useful Tools & Apps section.

How do I register for sessions?

The only sessions that require pre-registration are Learning Labs and our specialty conferences, such as ARC, CAPD, and the SAA Conference. All other session types do not require pre-registration, therefore, you are asked to arrive to each session 10-15 minutes early to reserve your seat. Once session rooms are full, access into the rooms will not be permitted. Note: the online conference planner does not pre-register you for a session.

What are your policies on children and strollers?

AudiologyNOW! is a professional development and networking event that is not intended to be inclusive of children.

  • Young Adults (16 years and older) are required to register (at no cost) prior to entry to the Exhibit Hall and will not be permitted into any educational sessions.
  • Children (15 years or younger) are not permitted in any educational sessions or the Exhibit Hall at any time.
  • Infants 6 months and younger are permitted in the Exhibit Hall as long as they are hand carried. For safety purposes, strollers are not permitted at any time.
  • No one under the age of 18 is permitted to enter the Exhibit Hall during exhibitor setup and tear-down under any circumstance.

View all policies for AudiologyNOW!

Will there be shuttles to and from the convention center from my hotel?

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), shuttle service will be available only for those with disabilities. Check our shuttle page for the most up-to-date information.

Is there a private room for people with health needs at the convention center?

There is a personal consideration room located near registration in the convention center, for those who need privacy and space for nursing or other sensitive personal health needs.

How can I rent mobility equipment?

While Scootaround will make every effort to accommodate all needs, you are encouraged to reserve in advance.

Call Today 1-888-441-7575

Is lunch included in my registration fee? What if I have a food allergy?

Those that have registered for the full conference (see registration types) will receive lunch coupons valued at $10 per day to use towards purchases at concession stations and specialty food carts on the show floor and throughout the convention center. These items are also available for purchase to those who have not registered for the full conference.

We try to accommodate most food allergies and dietary needs. It is important that we receive your special request during the registration process, so that we can determine exactly; what your restrictions are, how we can accommodate, and what you can do to help us meet your needs.

Registration and/or Hotel Cancellation Policy



Once I get to the convention center, where do I pick up my badge? Can I pick up my colleague’s badges as well?

If you registered before February 26 and did not receive your badge packet in the mail (applies to those who registered after February 26 and all international attendees), you can print your badge at the Print & Go counters on-site.

Only one badge is permitted per attendee and identification is required upon pick up.

How do I find session rooms?

The most up-to-date session room numbers will be added to the conference planner, online. Locations as well as convention center maps will be printed in ProgramNOW, distributed onsite.

Where can I get a copy of the session handouts?

All session handouts, unless otherwise specified by the lead presenter, are available electronically on our mobile eHandout app. Printed handouts may be distributed for Learning Labs and Academy Research Conference (ARC) participants only at the discretion of the lead presenter. The eHanout app allows session participants to take notes directly onto the session handouts with the ability to print for later reference.

Is there a business and ship center at the convention center?

The Convention Center has The UPS Store conveniently located in the main entrance lobby for your copying, printing, and shipping needs.
Phone: (210) 258-8950
Fax (210) 258-8951

Can I register to only go into Audiology Solutions (the exhibit hall) and not attend sessions? When does Audiology Solutions open?





CEU Manager will be available until TBD. A link to CEU manager will be posted to our home page.

Certificate of Attendance

A certificate of attendance can be found on the last page of ProgramNOW distributed on-site.
If you do not have a copy of ProgramNOW and would like a certificate of attendance, email us.


eHandouts are available via the web and our mobile app post-AudiologyNOW!.

Session Proceedings

Listen to sessions at home that you may have missed on-site! Unless otherwise noted, Featured Sessions, Learning Modules, Exhibitor Courses, and Research Podiums are recorded and offered for purchase on our website after AudiologyNOW! has commenced.

Refund Processing

All refunds are processed between April and May, 2015

Registration Receipt

If you need verification of payment for AudiologyNOW! registration, please contact customer service, 866-229-2386, Monday through Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm ET.

2016 Program Committee

Interested in volunteering for the 2016 program committee? Committee assignments have already been set for 2015, but if you are interested in volunteering your time for 2016, contact us so we may pass along your request appropriately.


Registration & Hotel FAQs

Skip to Hotel FAQs

Registration Types

Registration Rates & Deadlines

Member Assistance Program (MAP)

Cancellation Policy

Am I a member? Is my membership current?

Contact Membership by email or by calling 800-222-2336 to find out the status of your membership.

If I join or renew my Academy membership today, can I register for AudiologyNOW! and receive the member rate?

Absolutely, however, membership application and renewal can take up to 48 hours to process, and 24 hours to post to our registration system. Make sure you renew your membership prior to AudiologyNOW! or you will be charged the difference of the nonmember and member registration rates.

More information on membership.

How do I know if I have registered or completed my registration? Can I have my confirmation resent?

Once registration is complete and paid for, an email confirmation will automatically send to the email address specified during the registration process. You may log in to the registration site to re-send or re-print your confirmation or contact Customer Service at 866-229-2386 Monday through Friday 9:00am–5:00pm ET for assistance.

Mailed and faxed registrations will receive a confirmation email within seven (7) business days.

I am presenting, do I need to register?

Can I register to only go into the Exhibit Hall and not attend sessions?

The exhibit hall only registration type will allow you to access the exhibit hall. Check our Registration Types page to see what is included and the fees associated with different registration types.

How do I register for sessions?


Hotel Specific FAQs

Hotel Rates & Descriptions

Cancellation Policy

How can I reserve a hotel room for AudiologyNOW?

Online reservations can be made immediately following the registration process on our registration site. Online reservations are highly recommended, as our system can communicate directly with the hotel inventory systems in reserving your room and the online process will avoid hotel “poacher” scams. Read more on hotel poacher scams.

If you prefer, you can make reservations by phone, fax, or mail through Experient, Inc., our authorized housing and registration company.

Take me to the form and fax number/mailing address.

When will I get a confirmation that my hotel room has been booked? Can you resend my hotel confirmation?

Confirmations are immediately generated and sent in the same email as your registration confirmation.

It is advised to verify your arrival and departure dates on your confirmation to avoid no-show room release or early departure charges. Approximately two weeks prior to AudiologyNOW!, an email will be sent directly from the hotel confirming your hotel arrangements.

You may log back into the registration site to re-send or re-print your confirmation or contact Customer Service at 866-229-2386 Monday through Friday 9:00am–5:00pm ET for assistance.

Do I need to put down a deposit for my hotel reservation?

Reservations are based on a guarantee with a valid credit card (with an expiration date of March 2015 or later). No money will be charged to your credit card until check-out.

Do any of the hotels offer the U.S. Government per diem rate?

Some hotels within the Academy block offer some Government per diem room rates. These rates will be listed online during the room reservation process.

Do I have a confirmed hotel room(s) if my hotel reservation was wait-listed?

Yes, but it is required that Experient, the Academy’s official housing provider, work with the hotel to clear the wait-list status and send you a confirmation. In the rare instance they are not able to clear the wait-list; Experient will contact you to make other arrangements.

I need a room compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), what do I do?

During the hotel reservation process, be sure to check the ADA box and indicate any specific needs in the space provided.

What if I have special room requests?

Special room requests can be made online during the hotel reservation process; however, special requests such as two beds, near an elevator, etc., are based on hotel availability at check-in and are not guaranteed.

If I am sharing a room, do both occupants need to make a hotel reservation?

Only one (1) occupant is required to make the hotel reservation and add the remaining guest(s) name to the reservation. Discuss hotel booking with your roommates and designate one occupant to make the reservation to avoid extra room charges.

Do you have a place I can ask other conference attendees to share a hotel room?
We have set up a room sharing forum for attendees to connect and cut down on costs by sharing a hotel room.

What if I need to make a change to my hotel reservation?

Changes and cancellations can be made online within the proper timeframe (see our deadlines page for details).

I am no longer attending AudiologyNOW!, do I need to cancel my room reservation along with my registration?

To avoid hotel charges, those who cancel registration must also cancel hotel reservations. Make sure to cancel by the hotels’ cancellation deadline (usually 72 hours in advance). A formal letter to Registration and Housing at the Academy is also required to advise us that you will not be in attendance.

Cancellation Policy


Student FAQs

Cancellation Policy

Student Volunteer Cancellation Policy

I am an undergraduate and interested in going to AudiologyNOW!, can I register to attend?

Undergraduate students can register and AudiologyNOW! as well as join the Student Academy of Audiology (SAA). It is not required to be a national SAA member to register, however, there is a fee associated nonmember registration.

Learn more about becoming an Undergraduate Associate Member.

Learn more about attending AudiologyNOW! as an undergraduate student.

What are the requirements of becoming a student volunteer?

How do I apply to become a student volunteer?

Only members of the National Student Academy of Audiology (SAA) (not including undergraduate associate members) will be able to sign-up for our Student Volunteer program. Details coming soon.

How do I know what time I will be volunteering?

The Academy will send correspondence several times prior to AudiologyNOW! with information regarding your volunteer time. If you have questions, email us!

If I register and pay as a student member and a student volunteer spot opens up, can I register to volunteer and receive a refund?

Yes, refunds will be given to those who have registered and paid as a student member, but change to student volunteer status. Refunds are processed following AudiologyNOW! – typically in April – May.

How do I cancel my Student Volunteer registration?

Contact us for cancellation requests. Students requesting cancellation after March 5 will be charged a $100 cancellation fee.


Presenter FAQs

How to Register as a Presenter

Standard Session Audio & Visual Equipment and AV Requests

How do I participate as a presenter at AudiologyNOW!?

To participate as a presenter, submit an abstract for review prior to the specified deadline dates. No abstracts will be accepted after the deadline date.

Why are the deadlines so far in advance of the convention?

The program committee needs time to review and select from among the hundreds of submissions as well as assign dates and times for those that are accepted. We also have print deadlines for ProgramNOW that are well in advance of AudiologyNOW!.

Who should I contact if my affiliation or contact information changes?

If your contact name, email address, affiliation, or disclosure information changes prior to AudiologyNOW!, send an e-mail to Presenters to update our submission system and program materials.

What if I need special audio or visual equipment during my presentation?

AV requests will be made through the submission system, but must be submitted prior to the deadline specified in the submission system. If the deadline has past, send an e-mail to Presenters. Last minute requests may not be able to be honored.

Audiovisual equipment is not provided for posters.

How long should my presentation be?

Please refer to your acceptance letter for the start and end times for your session. Presenters should structure their presentation to leave a little time at the end for Q&A from the audience.


Exhibitor FAQs

Payment Deadlines

Exhibitor Manual

Move-In & Tear-Down Dates & Deadlines

Exhibit Hall Hours

Non-Compete Times

What comes with a standard booth?

Each linear booth is supplied with the following items: 8’ high back drape; 3’ high side rail drape; and 7”x 44” booth identification sign. Exhibit spaces are not carpeted. Island booths will only have back drape upon request and at the exhibitor’s expense. If you have a corner booth, you may remove the side rails.

Information and forms for ordering additional accessories and other services are listed in the exhibitor manual.

Can I pay for my booth and sponsorships via credit card?

Currently we do not accept credit card payments; however, you may pay via check, ACH, or wire transfer. Instructions on how to send payment is located at the bottom of your invoice as well as the exhibit space contract.

How high can my booth be? Can I hang banners from the ceiling over my booth?

Booth display structures should follow the International Association for Exhibition and Events (IAEE) Guidelines. Height restrictions are as follows:

Linear booth: 8 feet (no hanging signs)
Island booth: 20 feet

Show Management permits only island booths to hang ceiling signs. Signs must be hung at a distance no greater than 20 feet from the floor to the top of the sign.

How do I order rental furnishings, electrical, internet, catering, etc.?

The exhibitor manual has information on ordering rental furnishings, electrical, and catering provided by NexxtShow.

How many badges do I receive? How do I register my company personnel?

Each exhibiting company receives 4 complimentary badges per 100 square feet.
Additional badges can be purchased via the registration system or registration form found in the exhibitor manual. Click here for a list of exhibitor registration types and details.

Who do I contact if I have more Registration or Hotel questions?

Customer Service can be reached from 9:00am–5:00pm ET Monday through Friday at 866-229-2386.

Who are the main vendors?

Our official Contractors are:
NexxtShow – general services contractor
Freeman AV – audio visual vendor
Experient – registration and housing provider
Interior Gardens – floral provider
Lincoln Security – security provider

When and how do I ship my materials?

You have two options for shipping your exhibit materials:

Ship in advance to the NexxtShow warehouse


Ship directly to the convention center

Certain restrictions apply. Shipping information is provided in the exhibitor manual.

Can I display literature about my company at your convention?

Exhibitors can display literature within their booth. It is not permitted to display literature in any additional locations. Some sponsorship opportunities may allow the distribution of literature.

Exhibit with us

Check the sponsorship menu for available sponsorship opportunities

Can I serve food in my booth?

Booth catering is permitted; however, popcorn and alcohol are prohibited in the exhibit hall. Catering Menus and order forms are available in the Official Contractors section. The exclusive provider of all food and beverage in HBGCC will be listed in the exhibitor manual. Outside food and beverage are not allowed unless approved by HBGCC. Bite-sized candies are allowed into the exhibit hall; however, cookies are not unless ordered through the exclusive provider.

How do I obtain an attendee mailing list?

Purchase a pre-show and/or post-show attendee mailing list (mailing address only) from Experient, the Academy’s registration company. The list is for one-time use only. All mailings must be approved by the Academy. Information and the order form are located in the exhibitor manual.

How do I capture the attendee’s information while visiting my booth?

Experient is the official lead retrieval contractor. Information and the order form for lead retrieval services are located in the exhibitor manual.

Where and when are future conferences being held?

Register Here