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Presentation Management System

The Academy is using a presentation management system that will automatically feed submitted presentation slides directly to the session rooms.

PowerPoint presentations must be uploaded at least 12 hours prior to your session start time in order to transfer to your session room on time and no later than 72 hours prior to your session start time in order to ensure e-handouts for your session participants.

Why you should use the system:

  • versatile and supports both MAC and PC platforms.
  • supports sound files and video clips.
  • creates a seamless transition between sessions and presenters.
  • creates e-handouts for your session – only upload once! Read more about handouts…
  • by using the system and AV equipment in the room, there is a tech team available who knows the equipment and software inside and out who is willing, able, and ready to assist you.
  • we cannot guarantee your personal laptop will work with the equipment in the rooms – be safe and use what is provided!

How to use the system:

  1. Login to the presentation management system website using your email address and the access key to your account. The access key has been emailed to you in correspondence from us, however; if you have lost your key, you will be able to request it on the login page.
  2. Complete the task labeled “Presentation Upload” by uploading your PowerPoint presentation.

Tips from the Tech Team:

  • Make sure to visit the Presenter Ready Room: 225 to test out your presentation and make sure everything is in order. The equipment in the presenter ready room is the same equipment provided in the session rooms. This applies to all presenters, using the presentation system or not.
  • Remember: the sooner you upload your presentation; the sooner attendees are able to view your handouts. We cannot guarantee that changes to presentation slides or new uploads made less than 72 hours before your session will not be available to your session participants.

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