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Why You Should Book Your Hotel in the Audiology Block

Our hotel contracts include clauses that protect you. Booking within the Academy block gives us the opportunity to assist you if problems arise with your reservation. We are unable to assist attendees who booked reservations directly through another agency or at a hotel that is not in the official housing block.

It allows us to meet our obligations with the hotels and provides a “historyā€¯ to future meeting cities. By establishing a history of always fulfilling the room block, the Academy secures competitive rates when negotiating with future cities.

We do realize that it is expensive to attend scientific meetings and we do everything possible to keep costs reasonable for you. If the room blocks are not satisfied, the Academy stands to be charged thousands of dollars in hotel attrition fees and it could become necessary to raise registration rates.

Hotel rates, like airfares, vary greatly. The Academy negotiated low room rates due to the number of rooms required to accommodate all conference participants. We have taken great care to book quality hotels that offer competitive rates and amenities.
If you find a lower hotel rate than what we offer in our block contact us.

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