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ALPS is a manufacturer of hearing aids. Their products include hearing aids in BTE , RICTC , CIC and HRH styles.

All of their hearing aid models offer high technology features such as adaptive directional microphones, dynamic understanding of speech, automatic adaptive directionality, 128-band noise-reduction, a built-in Tinnitus Masker, and data logging.

ALPS International is a privately held company that operates as a subsidiary of Oticon Medical. Oticon Medical provides cochlear implants and other hearing aid products to patients around the world.

Oticon Medical was founded by Dr. Robert N. Greenberg in 1977. For more information on Oticon Medical, visit the company’s website.

Noise Reduction Models

ALPS H. R. H hearing aids have been specially developed to help minimize the noise in noisy environments. This means that they can be used in places such as restaurants or cinemas where background noise may make communication difficult. Md Hearing Aid also offers similar features.

How to Contact ALPS 

Ashirwad Commercial Complex

D-1, Green Park, New Delhi, India.

 [email protected]

[email protected]

91 11 268 62 940| 91 11 417 55 191