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An Interview with Siemens

Why should convention attendees visit to your booth and what will they experience at your booth?
As every year Siemens will present the most innovative products, workflow solutions and programs for hearing care professionals. And with this year’s 25th anniversary of the Trivia Bowl we will also have something special created for this celebration.

What new and innovative product(s) will you be featuring at AudiologyNOW! 2014?
We will be introducing a new modular diagnostic and fitting system that incorporates many convenient features for the hearing care professional including a revolutionary maintenance and service concept, faster measurements and better results. We will showcase an end-to-end micon line-up from BTEs to RICs to Custom instruments for all user preferences and levels of hearing loss, as well as an ‘essential’ line of products with comprehensive features at a value price. In addition we will introduce a number of innovative programs and new offerings for Aspire Rewards members, designed to increase physician and other referrals, drive revenue and enhance profitability for hearing practices.

What’s the most innovative product created by your company for the audiology community – past or present?
During the last years the most innovative product has been the micon platform. With 48 channels, 12kHz bandwidth, frequency compression, optimized directionality, faster and smarter feedback cancellation and a tinnitus feature in every hearing aid Siemens is offering all the best features audiologists want in one instrument. When we think about Siemens, inventing the hearing aid, which has created this industry and we see our heritage and responsibility to provide best-in-class products. Some examples are:

  • 1987 – The first remote control for hearing technology
  • 2002 – The first hearing instruments with 3 microphones, Triano
  • 2004 – The first hearing instrument featuring a wireless e2e system, small enough to fit in a CIC
  • 2005 – iScan, the first ear impression scanner
  • 2011 – Aquaris, the first digital waterproof instrument

How many years have you been exhibiting at AudiologyNOW!?
Siemens is exhibiting at AudiologyNow! since the very beginning.

How can attendees connect with you prior to seeing you in Orlando?
We have a microsite set up especially for AudiologyNOW! 2014, where we will post the latest updates for Siemens. Also social media is very important for us to keep in touch with our customers. Twitter and Facebook will provide you not only with the latest news on Siemens Hearing Instruments, but also with interesting news on hearing and the hearing industry in general.

On a more personal note:

What’s the best thing about working at your company?
The best thing about working at Siemens Hearing Instruments is that we are changing people’s lives every day. Working with passionate people that go beyond to invent the future of better hearing and understanding is a great experience.

What’s your favorite part of AudiologyNOW!?
We like that this is a very important opportunity to get in front of our customers with our new products and programs. Being the sponsor of Trivial Bowl from the very beginning, is a highlight of the 2014 show for us.

Any fun stories from past AudiologyNOW!s?
Actually there are a couple of stories that you could mention. One has again something to do with Siemens being a pioneer, this time in terms of an exhibit booth. Due to the introduction of the digital technology in the hearing instrument industry it became more and more important to train our customers on the technology. Thus Siemens introduced the first two story booth at AudiologyNOW!. It was a great design with a hangover, which had our trainings room on top. However close to the opening of the show the fire marshal informed Siemens that there was a sprinkler system missing in the hangover. You can imagine that this caused a little bit of excitement among the team as the show was about to open. However through different channels they managed to get the sprinkler system installed literally in the last minute so that the booth was able to open right on time.

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