All courses submitted to Academy for approval need to adhere to:

Please review this information before submitting a course for approval

To submit a course approval:

All course approvals must be submitted online.

Access the 2020 Online Application System

The Academy is pleased to announce the development of a new CE Provider Portal.  This central location will allow CE Providers to easily manage all CE provider activities, including the ability to:

To access the CE Provider portal from the Academy website, you will log into your Dashboard, locate the My Organization header and select Academy CE Provider Portal.

Step 1: Go To
Step 2: From the FOR MEMBERS drop down menu found in Right Hand Corner, please select login.
Please enter your ID number or Member ID number and your Password.  If you do not know your Password, you may reset your password.
Step 3: You are automatically directed to your DASHBOARD
Step 4: Locate My Organization