Did you receive Federal Perkins loans during your undergraduate or graduate education? As an allied health professional, you may be eligible to have all or a portion of your Federal Perkins loans canceled! An application, including proof of licensure and full time employment, must be submitted to the holder(s) of your Perkins loans. If approved, loan payments will be postponed for 12 consecutive months of eligible full time employment. Upon subsequent documentation of eligible employment, a portion of the loan is canceled. This postponement/cancellation cycle is repeated for a minimum of 5 years, during which time up to 100% of Perkins Loans may be canceled.

Contact the holder of your Perkins loans (either your university or their designated 3rd party servicer) to submit a request for postponement/cancellation. Keep in mind that if you attended multiple universities, you will need to submit multiple applications to whichever institutions hold your loans. Reach out to your university or visit the student aid website to learn more.