In recognition of May Is Better Hearing Month…consider these options for yourself and your patients in this challenging and uncertain time.

Depending on your setting you may already be seeing patients on a reduced or emergency-based schedule. Some are venturing into tele-health practices to handle day-to-day issues focused on patient education, troubleshooting, and perhaps even aural rehabilitation.

Inevitably, though there will come a time when we need to see our patients. When our patients do come into our office there are several strategies to minimize their risk.

Obviously, prior to opening the doors, thorough disinfecting of all surfaces a patient may come in contact must be performed, and a supply of personal protective equipment including masks, gloves, disinfectant wipes and sprays must be readily available.

Additionally, you should check with state mandates to determine what types of services are allowed, and which are considered “elective.”

By practicing proper infection control and social distancing strategies we can communicate to our patients that we have their whole health and well being in mind.

For a more information on infection control, refer the Academy’s Infection Control in Audiology Practices Guidelines.