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The DiscovEARy Zone & Dangerous Decibels Educator Training Workshop

Dangerous Decibels Educator Training Workshop

This two-day certification workshop is led by Oregon Health & Science University, Portland State University, and University of Northern Colorado hearing conservation, health communication, educational outreach experts. Participants receive an educator kit with graphics, simulations, supplies, a sound level meter, and a script needed to present the classroom program. We prepare and equip you to expertly present a 50-minute program that has been proven effective at changing knowledge, attitudes, and intended behaviors in students regarding their hearing health. Click here for more information.

The 3M Corporation is generously sponsoring this Dangerous Decibels Educator Training Workshop in Anaheim, California. Scholarships are available – on a first-come, first-served basis.


The DiscovEARy Zone

The DiscovEARy Zone (DZ) is an exhibit designed to promote hearing loss prevention (HLP) and educate the public (and your patients/consumers) about the negative effects of listening to sounds that are too loud for too long. Enter the Zone and learn how you can incorporate the hands-on displays and activities into your practice.

  • See colorful posters that can be used in your office are at health fairs.
  • Meet Hank and Herbie Hair cells – the icons of DiscovEARy Zone.
  • Experience low-tech (flip-up posters) and high-tech (iPads) interactive games for children of all ages (including adults)!
  • Test your ability to properly use hearing loss prevention devices (HPD) by performing "fit" tests!
  • Come in and meet Tim Panic and Kali Bration and see if YOU are listening to your personal music player at safe levels.
  • See the dBCheck – a hand held device that displays both listening level and safe exposure time.
  • Learn about musician monitoring systems and how you can promote HLP in your local schools and churches.

NEW for 2013 – DiscovEARy Zone is now set up as demonstration centers for you to experience. See how the DZ can work in your practice waiting room, a counseling room, or a pediatric waiting room. Complete a questionnaire and enter to win one of the many prizes that have been donated. Hope to see that you have entered the DiscovEARy Zone!

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