A continuing education (CE) course, seeking Tier 1 CE approval, must also meet the Academy course approval requirements and guidelines.

Who Needs Tier 1 CE Hours?

As stated by the American Board of Audiology:
Tier 1 continuing education (CE) hours apply only to participants that are certified by the American Board of Audiology. American Board of Audiology requires its certificants to earn 5 Tier 1 CE hours annually.

Tier 1 CE Hours must meet the following requirements

Tier 1 CE hours are interactive, continuing education activities that are:

Note – Industry courses may be considered for Tier 1 CEUs when the course has substantive intermediate or advanced information with minimal product specificity and predominantly addresses diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and normal/abnormal diagnostic findings.  Manufacturer “How To” Instructional Courses do not qualify for Tier 1 designation.

Tier 1 Fee

Tier 1 Fee: $150. Any course applying for Tier 1 approval must pay this fee, in addition to other required fees.

Submitting Tier 1 CEUs to the Academy

Definition of an Interactive Activity

Interactive CE activities are focused and active, rather than passive, in which the delivery of the material incorporates learning assessment(s) in real-time. The presenter can immediately evaluate a learner’s knowledge of the material being presented throughout the presentation by polling participants, or in a hands-on, clinical learning format where participants are assessed through demonstration of an activity. The presenter’s role in an interactive activity is to: teach, review, assess and repeat that throughout the presentation.

Program Formats Eligible for Tier 1 Designation

Examples of Tier 1 Interactive Activities

Required Format of Polling Questions and Assessments

Note – If any of the above requirements are not completed, the Academy has the right to rescind Tier 1 approval.