Wednesday, April 1
10:00 am-4:00 pm

Sponsored by Starkey

The SAA Conference is not included in AAA 2020 and HearTECH Expo registration and must be registered for separately. Those wishing to attend ONLY the SAA Conference can do so by registering for the “SAA Conference – Only” during registration.


10:00–10:10 am Introduction
Catherine Palmer, PhD, Academy President
10:10–10:30 am Starkey Presentation
10:30–10:40 am Break 1
10:40–11:30 am Medical/Radiology Audiology
As audiology students, we are not taught in our universities about medical topics. Yet, as we work with ENTs, we are exposed to different prescriptions and radiology imaging of the temporal bone. This workshop will allow you to be exposed to topics such as radiology and pharmacology that is related to audiology.
11:30–11:40 am Break 2
11:40 am–12:30 pm Interprofessional Session
Moderator: Devon HoltHealth care is moving to an interprofessional collaborative practice model, in which teams of providers, from nurses and pharmacists to physical therapists and social workers, work with patients, families, and communities to provide high quality care. How can we as soon-to-be-audiologists work with other healthcare professionals provide the highest quality of care to our patients? This workshop will have different healthcare professionals to discuss how we can be part of this model.
12:30–1:10 pm Lunch
Provided by the SAA and Starkey.
1:10–2:00 pm Pediatric Vestibular Testing
Melissa Cane, AuD, and Violette Lavender, AuDWhen we think of vestibular testing, we tend to think of adult patients. As students, we learn more for the adults. But what about pediatric patients? We often overlook that many pediatric patients also have disorders leading to balance issues. This workshop will be an introduction to pediatric vestibular disorders and our role as audiologists.
2:00–2:10 pm Break 3
2:10–3:00 pm Cochlear Implants and Single-Sided Deafness
Rene Gifford, AuDCochlear implant candidacy is always expanding. FDA just recently approved cochlear implants to single-sided deafness. What are the criteria for SSD candidacy and the outcomes for the recipients?
3:00–3:10 pm Wrap-Up and Networking Session Instructions
3:10–4:00 pm Networking Session
This session will allow audiology students interact and network with different audiologists in the field of their interest. Audiologists will be representing various topics including, but not limited to, manufacturing, research, pediatric, private practice, implantable devices, and vestibular.
4:00–5:00 pm SAA Mix and Mingle
Open to all students, not just SAA Conference attendees.