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CEUs, Tier 1, and State Approvals


The Academy’s approval of this continuing education activity does not imply endorsement of course content, specific products, or clinical procedures.


CEU Manager Instructions

• Enter your User ID (last name) and Zip Code (that you used to register for AudiologyNOW!).
• Select which organization(s) you wish to have your CEUs sent to.
• Enter the session titles or course codes.
o Reference your CEU Worksheet to remember the passcode for each session.
• Complete an evaluation for each session and the overall Assessment of Learner Outcomes. These must be completed in order to submit your CEUs.
• Print your transcript. Contact Cornelia Gallow at [email protected] if you are having trouble printing a transcript.


  • Earn up to 3.4 CEUs at AudiologyNOW! 2014.
  • All conference participants are able to print an AudiologyNOW! 2014 transcript.
  • Entering CEUs into CEU Manager is the only way your AudiologyNOW! 2014 CEUs will be recorded (for both the Academy and ASHA*). The paper CEU worksheet is to help you organize and keep track of your session CEUs to enter into CEU Manager. This year the Academy will not keep a duplicate copy of your worksheet as in previous years.
  • To enter ASHA CEUs, you must have your ASHA member number*.
  • Deadline to enter AudiologyNOW! 2014 CEUs into CEU Manager is April 10, 2014 (for both the Academy and ASHA*). A $75 late fee will apply for Academy CEUs if not entered by this date. Failure to record your ASHA CEUs* into the CEU Manager by this date will result in a loss of CEUs – no exceptions.
  • AudiologyNOW! 2014 CEUs can be entered into CEU Manager on-site or from home until April 10, 2014.
  • Need to see what CEUs you currently have? View them on your profile page.

* ASHA and IHS CEUs are pending


Tier 1

Designated sessions offer Tier 1credit. The final list of Tier 1 sessions are listed in ProgramNOW and at the Professional Development booth in D Lobby.

All Tier 1 sessions will be interactive – no paper assessment required.

Tier 1 and Ethics Session Information

State Approvals

The AudiologyNOW! 2014 program will be forwarded for approval to all state licensure boards that mandate continuing education. Contact your state licensure board directly to find out if your state licensure board has approved AudiologyNOW! 2014 courses.

A list of AudiologyNOW! 2014 courses approved by the North Carolina State Hearing Aid Dealers and Fitters Board and the California Hearing Aid Dispensers Bureau (PDF) will be available at the Professional Development Counter.

2014 California Approved Course List

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