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The Academy has secured a large block of rooms at hotels in convenient locations and at competitive prices. Browse these pages for complete hotel rates and descriptions. If you plan on setting up room sharing, we have set up a place for you to discuss your plans with other attendees.


  • Deadline for online hotel reservations/changes is 5:00pm EST, Thursday, March 1.
  • There is a housing transfer period from March 2 – 7, 2012. During this time, housing information is being transferred to the hotels and no new reservations or changes to existing reservations can be made.
  • Starting March 8, contact the hotels directly for any changes, cancellations, or new reservations (pending availability, rates may not be the same as the group rate).
  • The Academy will forward your special room requests to the hotels; however, special requests (two beds, a nonsmoking
    room, etc.) are based on the hotel’s availability at check in and are not guaranteed.



New for 2012, those attendees not staying at an official AudiologyNOW! hotel will not be able to access the complimentary shuttle buses. If you are staying at a hotel not within the official hotel block, shuttle buses will not pick-up or drop-off at your hotel and you will not be allowed to board the shuttles at a nearby official hotel. Shuttle icons will be displayed on badges of those authorized to ride the shuttle buses. You must show your badge to the shuttle bus personnel prior to boarding. If you are not in the official block and would like to purchase a pass for $75.00, please call Customer Service at 866-229-2386. If you purchase a pass you must still walk to the nearest official hotel to pick-up the shuttle bus.

We’ve had to move to this new shuttle procedure because in Chicago we experienced long bus wait times at a few of our hotels. We give our shuttle vendor the room block totals for all of our hotels and then from there they plan the number of buses to be assigned to each hotel. After getting word on opening morning that there were long lines, we contacted our shuttle vendor to ask what was going on. They reported that shuttle bus drivers were seeing many shuttle passenger users coming from "down the street" rather than out of the hotels to load onto the buses.  So if we planned to move a specific amount of people in a certain amount of time given a certain amount of buses you can see how things would back up if unaccounted for people that booked outside of our block show up.


If none of your questions are answered on these pages, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to find out more.