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Frequently Asked Questions – Hotel/Travel

Why you should book in the Academy Hotel Block

Our hotel contracts include clauses that protect you. Booking within the Academy block gives us the opportunity to assist you if problems arise with your reservation. We are unable to assist attendees…read more

How can I reserve a hotel room in the Academy block?

Once you register online, you will be prompted to the hotel reservation section. Online hotel reservations are highly encouraged because they are taken real time from actual inventory, at the time of the reservation. Confirmations are immediately generated and sent by e-mail.If you prefer, you can make reservationsby phone, fax, or mail through the Academy housing office. If you submit a housing request by phone, mail, or fax and donot receive confirmation within seven business days, contact housing
to follow up.

What is “preferred student housing” and if I’m a student do I have to stay there?

Preferred student housing indicates hotels that best fit within the student budget price point and offers amenities often requested by students. This also may help students stay at the same location and further their networking potential. You are not required to stay at the student hotel if you are a student and you need not be a student to stay at the preferred student hotel.

Do I need to put down a deposit for my hotel reservation?

Reservations must be guaranteed with a valid credit card (with expiration date of April 1, 2012, or later), but no money will
be charged to your credit card until you check in.

What if I need a room compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act?

Make sure you check the ADA box online when submitting your reservations and add any specific needs on Reservation Summary Screen.


Do any of the hotels offer the U.S. Government per diem rate?

Yes, after you register online, the site will take you to the housing portion of registration.  It is required that you call customer service from there to receive the government per diem rate.


What if I have a special room request?

The Academy will forward your special room requests to the hotels; however, special requests (two beds, a nonsmoking
room, etc.) are based on the hotel’s availability at check inand are not guaranteed.

What if I’m sharing a room, do we both make hotel reservations?

Please do not make duplicate requests for hotel reservations. If you are sharing a room, designate one person to make the hotel reservations and add the guest(s) name to the reservation. Check out our Room Sharing forum.

I have never been to this convention before. What should I know before I go?

We have put together a few tips for first-time attendees. They can be found on the City Guide page.

I have never been to Boston. What type of information can you give me about getting to the convention, and getting around the city?

Both National and International travelers can check the travel section of this site by clicking here, you can also check out the
City Guide information we have put together for you.

I am no longer attending AudiologyNOW!, do I need to cancel my room reservation?

If you cancel your plans to attend AudiologyNOW! 2012, cancel your meeting registration via the following procedures also make sure to cancel your hotel reservation by the hotels cancellation deadline (usually 72 hours in advance). If a reservation is properly canceled, another registrant may use the room. Please send a formal letter to Registration and Housing at the Academy to advise us that you will not be attending.

Do I need to cancel my hotel room if cancelling registration?

If you no longer need a hotel room please indicate to cancel both registration and your hotel reservation. If you are cancelling after March 8 you must contact the hotel directly.

What if I need to make a change to my hotel reservation?

You may change or cancel hotel reservations online until March 1, 2012. After March 8, please call the hotel directly for changes. There is a housing black out period from March 2 – 7, during this time housing information is being transferred to the hotels and no new reservations or changes to existing reservations can be made. Thank you for your patience!

Will I get a hotel confirmation?

After registering you wil receive a hotel and registration confirmation number. Approximately two weeks prior to the show you will be e-mailed the actual hotel confirmation number. Check thatarrival and departure dates are accurate on your hotel and registration confirmation. Note: If you do not arrive at the hotel on the confirmed date, the hotel will release your room and you will be charged the amount equal to one night’s room charge, plus sales and occupancy tax. Hotels may also charge an early departure fee, so reconfirm departure date upon check-in.

What does it mean when my hotel reservation is wait listed?

The housing company is continually working with the hotels each week to clear wait lists. We assure you that you will be taken care of as soon as possible. You will either receive a confirmation indicating your housing is confirmed or receive a phone call from the housing company if they need to assist you with different arrangements.

Where can I find more information on obtaining a VISA to travel to the United States?

More information for our international attendees as well as VISA information can be found on our International Attendees page.

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