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SuperTracks for 2011

  • Neuro-Audiology: Tinnitus will be an area of emphasis within this SuperTrack in keeping with the topic of the ARC 2011. Auditory evoked potentials, neuro-imaging, cognition, traumatic brain injury, neurodegenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis, differential diagnosis of auditory processing disorders, and auditory neuropathy/dys-synchrony are also included.
  • Pediatrics: This is a new SuperTrack and will provide exceptional sessions for our members who work with these incredible patients. Assessment and management, autism, educational audiology, newborn hearing screening, working with challenging patients, etc. will be included. 
  • Practice-Related Issues: These courses will focus on areas of interest for attendees across a range of practice settings and include business acquisition and mergers, ethics, front office staff, private practice operations, profitability, supervision, and tele-practice, as well as coding and billing, marketing, and business management.
  • Treatment: This is another exciting track for this year that was developed to include areas audiologists traditionally identify with treatment such as aural (re)habilitation, cochlear implants, hearing aids, hyperacusis, management of cognitive and auditory processing disorders, vestibular rehabilitation, and tinnitus intervention, but is also expected to cover hearing aid delivery models, implantable hearing aids, and assistive listening technology.
  • Vestibular: This is an important SuperTrack and will provide attendees with innovative courses on assessment of vestibular and related disorders. Sessions on advanced techniques such as ocular VEMP and rotational testing are planned, but vestibular course standards such as identification and treatment of BPPV, VNG interpretation, and differential diagnosis are also included within this track.
  • Hot Topics: This category is available for presentation of emerging content areas not addressed in other tracks.