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Wrap-up for AudiologyNOW! 2008, CHARLOTTE, NC

The Academy celebrated its 20th Anniversary at AudiologyNOW! 2008 in Charlotte, NC. Here is a recap of AudiologyNOW! 2008 and information to help you start planning for AudiologyNOW! 2009 in Dallas, TX.

There was higher than expected attendance for AudiologyNOW! 2008 and the 20th Anniversary Celebration! With 6,999 attendees in Charlotte for AudiologyNOW! 2008, the convention center was filled to capacity by the world’s largest gathering of audiologists. The breakdown was 4,119 participants and 2,880 exhibitor personnel with attendees hailing from over 35 countries.

  • During AudiologyNOW, the Academy grew by 27 members.
  • 1988-2008 HEAR to STAY. A big thank you to the 20th Anniversary Task Force for pulling together the Academy’s history and showcasing it on through timeline displays, in art, live at the Founder’s Lunch and preserving that history in the time capsule to be opened in 20 years. Let’s also not forget that wet but fun night at the US Whitewater Center for the 20th Anniversary Celebrate Audiology.
  • Over 200 Charlotte area children visited the DiscovEARy Zone and had their hearing tested. The DiscovEARY Zone was created to teach the public, particularly children, about hearing loss prevention. The area had 5 interactive kiosks, 4 plasma displays, two hearing helpers – mannequins named Otis Media and Heidi Hearing, 11 informational panels, a “Noise Zone” and hands-on stations manned by Student Volunteers. Local audiologists provided the equipment and their time to perform the hearing screenings. One excited participant e-mailed the following:

    “We did go today! The boys (5 and 7 y/o) had a great time. Our younger one had his ear plugs (they gave him) in his ears and was yelling at us all evening to be quiet as his ears are danger of being damaged according to him (his hearing screen was great). He told his dad that once his ears get hurt, they can’t get fixed, so be quiet. The people at the exhibit were friendly and very helpful and patient as the boys wanted to do the tuning forks/ping pong ball activity for a long time. Thank you we learned a lot today. Sincerely, Jane Yon”

  • Donations of giveaways to the Donation Bins resulted in a large bin of items being delivered to Classroom Central, an organization collecting supplies for underprivileged children. Look for them in Dallas next year.
  • AAA Foundation Events raised close to $20,000 for programs in audiology research and education.
  • The ABA 5K/1 Mile Fun Run, in its inaugural year, had 99 runners and 14 walkers who braved the early morning hours to help raise funds for ABA initiatives.
  • The revamped Honors & Awards Banquet event was a smashing success and was filled to capacity as we honored our seven Academy Honorees as well as twelve AAAF Research Awards recipients.
  • Over 120 attendees participated in the 2008 Academy PAC luncheon at AudiologyNOW! held on Saturday, April 5th, 2008. The PAC luncheon provided an opportunity for the Academy to demonstrate to members of Congress its commitment to the political process. Rep. Jim McGovern, MA, was the engaging keynote speaker.
  • Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2nd Annual Best of Show, an event to recognize those exhibitors who showed creativity, originality and innovation in their booth design. Attendees selected the following companies:

    Small – General Hearing
    Medium – TV Ears
    Medium-Large – HearingMed
    Large – Varta Microbattery
    Xlarge – Vivatone
    Supersize – Starkey

Session Audio Recordings
Would you like to listen to sessions you were unable to attend? Order session audio recordings online and hear what you missed! There are over one hundred sessions recorded live in their entirety. You can also download MP3s of individual sessions.

There Wasn’t Enough Room In My Suitcase
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ABA Meet & Greet a Success
A big thank you from the American Board of Audiology to all who participated in the ABA’s largest and most successful Meet & Greet ever! Over 200 ABA certificants, students and guests participated in this fun and educational event. Mark your calendars now to participate the ABA Meet & Greet in Dallas in 2009! Special thanks to Thieme Publishers for serving as a partial sponsor of the event!

Join us next year in Dallas for AudiologyNOW!2009
April 1-4, 2008, Dallas, TX. Events will be held at the Dallas Convention Center. The Focus for 2009 is: Research and Clinical Practice: Integration Through Communication. The Call for Presentations submission process will start on August 4, 2008. Registration and housing for Members will open on November 2, 2008.