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Student Volunteers

Student Volunteer Registration opens November 2, 2009

What is a Student Volunteer?
Student volunteers help with Academy booths, educational sessions and events at AudiologyNOW! In exchange for their time, volunteers receive free registration.

What are the Requirements for Becoming a Student Volunteer?

  • You must be a current member of the Student Academy of Audiology. Not a member? Join Now!
  • You must apply to be a volunteer. This is in addition to submitting a membership application.
  • You must be a student actively enrolled in a graduate program or in a clinical study setting at the time of AudiologyNOW! 2010 (April 14-17, 2010).

What are the Terms of Acceptance?

  • You must agree to volunteer up to 5 hours of your time at AudiologyNOW!
  • You are expected to attend the Student Volunteer Orientation on Wednesday evening (5:30 pm) of AudiologyNOW!
  • You must renew your membership for before December 31, 2009 or risk losing your volunteer status.
  • Plan Travel Accordingly: You will select your volunteer time based upon available slots the day you register. You should plan to arrive early to make it to your volunteer assignment on time. If you fail to make your assignment, you will be responsible for the on-site price of Student Member registration.
  • Cancellation Policy: Volunteers who cancel after April 7, 2010 will be responsible for the on-site price of a student member registration.
  • No-show Policy: Student who do not successfully complete their assignments will be responsible for the on-site price of a student member registration

How Do I Apply?
Student volunteers will be able to apply online when AudiologyNOW! registration opens on November 2, 2009. Online registration is only available to students with current SAA membership. If your membership is not current, you will need to fax or mail your membership materials. Once your membership is current, you will be able to apply as a student volunteer. Don’t miss out on selecting the prime time slots – renew or join today!

How Do I Know if I am Accepted as a Volunteer?
After your registration is processed, you will automatically be emailed an acceptance letter. If you have not received an e-mailed acceptance letter within two weeks of registering, it is your responsibility to contact the Academy.

Student Volunteer Wait List
Students placed on the wait list should pay for registration if they plan on attending AudiologyNOW! regardless of volunteer status. If you are later accepted in the program, you will be notified by email of your acceptance and your convention registration fees will be refunded.

When Will I be Volunteering?
You will select your volunteer assignment time when you register. This is based on a first-come, first-served basis of available slots.

Money Saving Tip
Can’t afford to stay an extra night? A bag check area will be provided at the San Diego Convention Center for luggage storage if you have checked out of your hotel before you complete your assignment for the day.

Monday Assignments: Volunteers can finish their assignment before AudiologyNOW! begins by becoming a bag stuffer. This is recommended for students attending schools near the location of AudiologyNOW! This assignment will occur before the start of AudiologyNOW! and should only be requested if you are able to arrive early.

How Do I Reserve Housing?
Housing reservations are included in the online registration process. If you are rooming with others, only one housing reservation should be made by one of the individuals staying in the room. They will be able to list the other occupants on their housing reservation page. Duplicate reservations on other registration forms could result in hotel room cancellation fees.

How Do I Reserve Tickets for Events with Admission Fees?
Options for paid events are available with online reservation.

Student Volunteer Orientation
All student volunteers are required to attend the Student Volunteer Orientation on Wednesday (5:30pm). The orientation will include a 30 minute presentation regarding volunteer duties and is followed by the SAA Reception.

SAA Reception
Immediately following the student volunteer orientation there will be a networking opportunity for all students attending AudiologyNOW! Prizes for volunteers as well as information regarding volunteer duties will be available. You do not need to be a volunteer to attend the SAA Reception so invite your classmates.

Questions – E-mail [email protected].