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What Registration Type Are You?

American Academy of Audiology Members

To become an Academy member visit our Membership Web page. If you have questions, contact the Academy Membership Department toll free at 800-222-2336 or e-mail [email protected].

To qualify for the Academy member registration rate, you must be a current member of the American Academy of Audiology at the time of registration and during AudiolgoyNOW! 2010.

New Professional

You must be a current member of the American Academy of Audiology at the time of registration and during AudiologyNOW! 2010 as well as having been practicing for three years or less.

International (Member/Associate)
Attendees residing outside of the United States may register at the international rate. To qualify for the international registration rate, you must be a current international member of the American Academy of Audiology at the time of registration and during AudiologyNOW! 2010.

All pre-registered international attendees will need to pick up their badge at the pre-registered registration desk on-site . AudiologyNOW! attendees who require travel visas are encouraged to begin this process as early as possible. Information regarding visa policies and requirements may be found here. If you require a Letter of Invitation, contact Sabrina Moton.

Student Member
A Student Member must be enrolled full-time in a doctoral-level audiology program at an accredited institution. A Student Member must not be eligible to be a Fellow Member. If you are a Fellow Member of the Academy and enrolled in distance learning program, you must register as a Member, you are not eligible for the Student Membership registration fee. If you recently applied to be a Student member, please allow up to two weeks for your application to be processed.


This category is for those who do not want to miss out but are only able to attend for one day. One-day registrants receive access to (for the day the ticket is purchased) educational sessions, Audiology Solutions (expo), special events and lunch vouchers good for one day. If you plan to attend for more than one day, you are required to register as a full attendee.

Audiology Solutions (Expo) Only

This category will allow you unlimited access to the Audiology Solutions exhibit hall and lunch vouchers. Audiology Solutions only registrants are unable to attend educational sessions.

Spouse/Guest Registration

This registration is for a non-audiologist spouse or guest (16 years or older) of an AudiologyNOW! registrant, and includes: entry to Audiology Solutions with three days of lunch vouchers, Celebrate Audiology, General Assembly and Trivia Bowl. Limit one guest per registrant.

Office Personnel

Register your front office personnel to attend AudiologyNOW! at a reduced fee. Also included in the Office Personnel package price is a ticket to attend one Learning Lab of your choice. You will also have access to all educational sessions, Audiology Solutions and lunch vouchers. You must provide business card or letter verifying employment.

Exhibitor Convention/Exposition

This includes booth personnel attending educational sessions. If an Exhibitor Convention/Exposition would like to register for Learning Labs and ticketed events, contact Experient directly.

Exhibitor Guest

Non-exhibitor personnel or clients in the hall as a guest of exhibiting company. Need bulk exhibitor guest passes? See the sponsorship menu for discounts.