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Posted at AudiologyNOW! 2010 in San Diego

My Best Day in Audiology was:

Helping my first 3 year old with HA’s. Nothing like looking into those big blue eyes. 🙂

The first day I worked as a licensed Audiologist. Realizing that I can make a difference. I have been living that day over and over for the past 14 years. Michelle, MA

When a man cried after turning on his H.A. and hearing again after years. Thanks god for putting me on this way. Alvaro, MX

The first day I turned the key in the door of my own office.

Standing in the O.R. realizing I was now part of a CI “team”!! A total best day.

When a lady in a SNF labeled as “demented” and “unable to communicate”, suddenly smiled and began conversing after being fitted with hearing aids. John, San Diego

The patient that cried at the realization that she could be helped to hear again no matter what her idiot doctor had been telling her for years. Allen, Arkansas

A man with tears in his eyes said “I had no idea what I was missing.” Had AN removed from one ear and hearing loss in the other ear.

Tears of joy in my office. Random hug from a stranger who stopped me on the street, hugged me to thank me for giving her husband back!

When a patient went from red-faced angry about his hearing loss to: “I can do this”

When I became a Private Practice Owner!

A big smile from a severely dysmorphie child with Treacher- Collins syndrome, that compelled me to kneel and kiss her hand like a princess and the look of gratitude on her mothers face (we did not speak the same language.)

When I fit my mom with new hearing aids, and she cried and told me it was the first time in her life she’s ever felt normal.

When my patient ran back into the clinic with tears in his eyes saying “I forgot how beautiful the birds sound!”

When a daughter said, “you gave us our dad back.” Chris, RI

When a 65 year old PT. With prof, loss in one ear and 70db loss in the other ear said that he “never knew birds chirped differently” after he was fitted with a digital aid. (having worn analog aids for 60 years) Bob, NJ

Telling the parents of a multiple handicapped baby that their son had normal hearing -without having to sedate him for the ABR. Sue, NY, NY

When my patient was accepted in the most important university of Mexico in Medicine.

When my CI pt who had been hit by a car and required extensive physical rehab commented that she was glad she got her CI before the accident because it gave her the ability to communicate with doctors and family and probably made recovery possible.

The day I got my AuD, and the day Christy became my awesome AAA staff Liaison.

During a mission trip to Peru I fitted a hearing aid on a 3 year old boy. When he heard voices for the first time he began dancing!

When a lady said with tears streaming down her face, “I thought I’d never hear like this again.” Jennifer, Houston, TX

When a 10 year old girl plugged her Nintendo game into her Bluetooth device and started dancing. She’d never heard the sounds before. Texas

Making a grown man cry…with the gift of hearing. KHD, Tampa

When a patient returned for his first check up and said “he had heard birds sing for the first time in 20 years.”

When my patient/student was mainstreamed & subsequently received a full scholarship to college and subsequently became a teacher and was then accepted as a PhD candidate…by the way they said she would never be able to talk!

The day my patient’s husband thanked me for giving him back his lovely wife. Gloria, Coeur d’Alene, ID

Having a 7-month old baby bilateral atresia attend to my voice after fitting him with a bone conduction aid. And the first time I signed “AuD” after my name. Troy, CA

When Janelle decided to come to the VA, and then Kim did as well.

Doing an FM Fitting with my best friend and Mentor- DPJ. Janelle K – Pittsburgh

Cada dis de trabajo en Audiologia es siempre me melor dia. Jacqueline, Columbia

When I proved to ENT residents that impedance audio could really tell what was going on in the middle ear.

The day a 5 year old with traumatic hearing loss loved her hearing aid so much she wanted one for her “dead” ear as well.

When I heard Gordon Hempton’s sounds.

Humanitarian trip to Vietnam – I will never forget the children at the school for the Deaf in Lai Thieu. Also Teaching sign language to a 3 year old Indian girl and her mom in Kuwait. Dawn, Canadian (currently in Saudi Arabia)

When a mom emailed me that her CI-daughter said her first word : UP! (followed 2 weeks later by NO! and MOO! She is a champion Moo-er) Susan, Las Vegas

After assessing a 58 year old female to rule in/out APD – She said “Could I give you a hug? You’re the first person who understands what my world has been like all my life!

Quitting my ENT job to start my own practice – 5 years now and things are great!