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Frequently Asked Questions – Presenters

When is the annual convention and where is it being held?
AudiologyNOW! will be held April 14-17, 2010, at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA.

How do I register for the convention?
Visit the Registration pages for more information.

How do I submit a proposal for AudiologyNOW!?
Visit Call for Presentations.

How do I participate as a speaker or presenter at the convention?
By submitting a presentation proposal. Visit Call for Presentations. If you are interested in presenting a Featured Session or a Learning Lab (invite only sessions) please contact Lisa Yonkers.

Why are the deadlines so far in advance of the convention?
The Program Committee needs time to review and select the hundreds of submissions as well as to assign dates and times for those that are accepted. We also have print deadlines for the Final Program that are well in advance of the convention.

I am presenting, why do I have to pay for my registration?
If we did not require the 600+ presenters and moderators to pay to attend we would have to scale back the production of the entire convention. Plus, presenters have access to the educational presentations CEUs, the exhibit hall and special events.

Will sessions be recorded? How can I get a copy of a speaker’s presentation?
The recorded sessions can be purchased on-site from the IntelliQuest Media sales desk located on the meeting room level. After the conference, orders can be placed at www.intelliquestmedia.com or contact IntelliQuest Media P.O. Box 1299, St. Petersburg, FL 33731.

I’ve got an idea for a keynote speaker. Who should I contact?
Send your speaker ideas to Lisa Yonkers.

I would like to volunteer to be on the 2010 Program Committee, whom should I contact?
The committee assignments have already been set for 2010 but if you are interested in volunteering on the 2011 Program Committee please contact Lisa Yonkers and she can forward your name to the 2011 Program Chair.

I am presenting; do I need to register as well?
Yes. Everyone needs to register in order to get a badge.

I didn’t get my PreviewNOW! in the mail?
The Academy doesll not mail a Preview version of the final program book this year. Attendees may view this information online using the itinerary planner and resources located on this Web site. Hard copies of the Final Program and daily books will be available on-site in San Diego.

You didn’t answer my question. Now what?
Contact Barbara Wertheim, Meeting Services Coordinator.