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Frequently Asked Questions – Attendees

When is the annual convention and where is it being held?
AudiologyNOW! will be held April 14-17, 2010 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA.

How do I register for the convention?
Register by any of the following methods:

Web: www.audiologynow.org
Fax: 301-694-5124
Mail: American Academy of Audiology, Inc., PO Box 4088, Frederick, MD 21705-4088
(Go to www.audiologynow.org to download the registration form)

How do I make reservations for housing in San Diego?
Once you register for AudiologyNOW! 2010 online, you will automatically be stepped to the hotel reservation section. Do not call the hotels directly, as you will not be given the convention rate.

Web: www.audiologynow.org
Fax: 301-694-5124
Mail: American Academy of Audiology, Inc., PO Box 4088, Frederick, MD 21705-4088

What is the deadline to register and receive the discounted rate?
To receive the Early registration rate you must register on or before January 14, 2010.

What is included with the registration fee?
The full convention fee includes: conference materials; educational sessions, Audiology Solutions (expo), lunch coupons, and all free receptions.

How do I know if my registration has been received?
If you register on-line, you will receive an immediate confirmation e-mailed to you. Registrations that are faxed or mailed will receive an e-mail confirmation within two weeks. Any questions should be directed to Customer Service at 301-694-5243.

Can I bring my spouse or a guest?
Yes. You can bring a spouse or a guest, but not both, however they will not be allowed into any educational sessions. The guest registration fee is $215. This includes access to the exhibit hall, lunch coupons, and all free receptions.

What is the Office Personnel Registration and what does it include?
Audiologists can have their office staff join them at convention for the reduced rate of $305. To register office staff, the registration and housing form must be mailed or faxed with a copy of a business card or a letter verifying their employment. This registration includes access to a Coding & Reimbursement Learning Lab on Wednesday, all educational sessions, free receptions, lunch coupons, and access to Audiology Solutions (expo hall). Office staff cannot receive CEUs for their participation.

Can I bring my child(ren)?
Children older than 6 months and younger than 16 are not permitted in Audiology Solutions or at any AudiologyNOW! educational session. Children 16 and older are permitted in Audiology Solutions but must pick-up a badge at Registration (no-charge) before entering the hall. Children younger than 6 months are permitted in Audiology Solutions as long as they are hand carried. Strollers will not be permitted. Children under the age of 16 will not be allowed in the exhibit hall under any circumstances during exhibitor setup and teardown.

Is childcare provided?
The Academy is pleased to announce that for the first time, on-site childcare and youth programs will be available at AudiologyNOW! 2010 for children ages 6 months to 15 years. The “LittleEARs” service will be provided through a partnership with KiddieCorp, a national firm with more than 20 years experience in on-site conference child care. KiddieCorp services will provide attendees with flexibility in their meeting schedules and with a reliable, affordable and trustworthy option for child care during the annual meeting.

Oticon has sponsored a portion the Little EARs program which will help to keep costs down for participants. Click here for details, pricing and reservation information. Please note that all policies and fees are established by KiddieCorp, and all questions should be directed to them. Space is limited – reserve early!

What happens to my registration fee if I do not attend?
If you cancel, in writing, before April 7, 2010, you will be refunded the full amount minus a $75 processing fee. After the deadline, no refunds are given because the fees generated by registration have already been used to pay for the convention services, vendors, food and beverages, shuttle service, etc. based upon a guaranteed number (that included your registration). These fees paid to our vendors are non-refundable to the Academy. That is why the fees are not refunded after a certain date.

If I join now, can I register for convention as a member?
Yes, if you complete the membership application and pay the member fees, then you can register for convention as a member. If you registered as a member, but failed to renew your membership application and fees by the convention dates, you will be charged the difference in the registration fees.

Am I a member? Is my membership current?
You can contact Membership about your status, [email protected] or 800-222-2336.

Is there a discount for Members Enrolled in Distance Learning?
There is no discount for member enrolled in distance learning programs.

I am an exhibitor. Can I attend the conference?
Yes you can attend the educational sessions. You can register yourself on the exhibitor registration site as a Conv/Expo attendee for a fee of $315.

How do I participate as a speaker or presenter at the convention?
By submitting a proposal. Visit the Call for Innovative Presentations. If you are interested in presenting a Featured Session or a Learning Lab (invite only sessions) please contact Lisa Yonkers.

Can I just visit the exhibits?
Yes. Register as Expo Only and you will be permitted into the exhibit hall for all three days with this pass.

Can I display literature about my company at your convention?
The short answer is no. We have sponsoring companies that pay to do what you are asking to do for free. You can become an exhibitor by contacting Brittany Kuntz. Any literature displayed without permission will be collected and disposed of immediately.

Where and when is the next convention?
Chicago, IL, April 6-9, 2011.

I would like to volunteer to be on the 2010 Program Committee, whom should I contact?
The committee assignments have already been set for 2010 but if you are interested in volunteering on the 2011 Program Committee please contact Lisa Yonkers and she can forward your name to the 2011 Program Chair.

I am presenting; do I need to register as well?
Yes. Everyone needs to register in order to get a badge.

I am presenting, why do I have to pay for my registration?
If we did not require the 600+ presenters and moderators to pay to attend we would have to scale back the production of the entire convention. Plus, presenters have access to the educational sessions, the exhibit hall and special events.

I’ve got an idea for a keynote speaker. Who should I contact?
Send your speaker ideas to Lisa Yonkers.

There was no place to register for sessions on the website. How do I choose my sessions?
All sessions are first come, first served. If the session room is full when you arrive, you will not be allowed to enter. Plan to arrive at popular sessions early so you won’t miss out. Sessions are assigned rooms based upon data from the online itinerary planner. We try to anticipate the popular sessions and assign them to the largest meeting rooms. The only sessions that require a ticket are the Learning Labs and Academy Research Conference.

Will sessions be recorded? How can I get a copy of a speaker’s presentation?
The recorded sessions can be purchased on-site from the IntelliQuest Media sales desk located on the meeting room level. After the conference, orders can be placed at www.intelliquestmedia.com.

Are you expecting anyone from the media to cover this year’s Convention?
Every year, we host 10-30 members of the trade and popular press at Convention. To learn more, visit our media page or contact Amy Miedema.

I seem to remember seeing a training video for office staff being demonstrated at previous conventions. Am I imagining things?
No, the Frontline Office Training Kit video can be viewed in the Marketing & Educational Tools area of the Academy Central. The Kit may be purchased on-site by check or credit card.

Can I purchase the colorful ear posters I’ve seen at Convention?
The “Caring for America’s Hearing” series of posters are on display at the Academy’s Advocacy booth, located in the Academy Central. For a small personal donation, you will receive your choice of poster.

I didn’t get my PreviewNOW! in the mail?
The Academy does not mail a Preview version of the final program book this year. Attendees may view this information online using the itinerary planner and resources located on this Web site. Hard copies of the Final Program and daily newspapers will be available on-site in San Diego.

What is “preferred student housing” and if I’m a student do I have to stay there?
Preferred student housing indicates hotels that best fit within the student budget price point and offers amenities often requested by students (i.e. free breakfast). This also may help students stay at the same location and futher their networking potential. You are not required to stay at the student hotel if you are a student and you need not be a student to stay at the preferred student hotel.

You didn’t answer my question. Now what?
Contact the convention department at 703-226-1041 or e-mail Sabrina Moton.