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An Interview with Audigy Group

Why should convention attendees visit to your booth and what will they experience at your booth?
We’re excited to meet with students, professionals and private practice owners. We’ll be conducting interviews for full-time positions and externship placements within our Members’ 600+ locations across the country. For those in private practice, we’ll be answering any and all questions regarding how Audigy supports business owners and their teams to create remarkable success stories.

What’s the most innovative product created by your company for the audiology community – past or present?
Our version of a product is actually the unmatched experience we create for patients, providers, business owners and students.

How many years have you been exhibiting at AudiologyNOW!?
2014 marks our 10th year in business and our 9th year exhibiting at AudiologyNOW!

How can attendees connect with you prior to seeing you in Orlando (i.e. social media, contact information, website)?
Find out more at audigygroup.com or on Facebook

On a more personal note:

What’s the best thing about working at your company?
Heather Desmarais, Senior Program Manager:
"Audigy Group is a more than a business management company, it’s a culture and a movement. It continues to inspire and drive everyone it touches…and does so in a game-changing way. From our member owners and staff, to new audiology graduates, to students looking for a pathway to independence, and to all of the internal corporate teams, you will not find a better organization that AG for dedication to individual growth and development. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this monumental and innovative time? My hand is raised…yours should be too.”

Misty Stern, VP of Marketing:
"Audigy is about getting up in the morning with a purpose and leaving every night with a smile knowing that we work hard and enjoy who we spend such a big piece of our lives with–our staff and our Members."

Gail Williams, Senior Media Buyer:
“I love making a difference and providing something meaningful and valuable. I feel blessed to have this opportunity in offering my absolute best to our membership. I love what I do. I love where I do it, and I love those for whom it’s done. It’s more than a company to me. It’s like family."

What’s your favorite part of AudiologyNOW!?
Connecting with new faces and sharing our vision for private practice with those who may not be familiar with what we do.

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