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Academy Research Conference (ARC) 2010


ARC10 Documents

Click on the presenter to access the PDF of their Power Point Presentation.

  • Karen Cruickshanks, University of Wisconsin – Age-related Hearing Loss: Demographics and Risk Factors
  • Rick Schmiedt, Medical University of South Carolina – Aging and the Auditory Periphery
  • Pamela Souza, Northwestern University – Aging, Auditory Perception and Hearing Aids
  • Robert Frisina, University of Rochester – Aging and Central Auditory Neurobiology
  • Kelly Tremblay, University of Washington – Aging and Clinical Electrophysiology
  • Mitchell Sommers, Washington University – Age-Related Changes in Cognition: Implications for Speech Perception

  • Kathy Pichora-Fuller, University of Toronto at Mississauga – Implications of Cognitive Factors for Aural Rehabilitation


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