Revised December 2019
Council Charge Guide the strategic deployment and evaluation of activities that fall within the focus of the council and also be accountable for advancing activities that transcend a specific committee.
Council Activities
  • Promote communications bi-directionally with committee chairs, staff, other councils, and board liaison.
  • Coordinate overarching goals with other committee chairs.
  • Participate in virtual and in-person committee interactions.
  • Support communications among committee chairs under the council.
  • Provide support to committee chairs to accomplish their charges.
  • Monitor charges and accomplishments of the committees under council.
Council Composition
  • Chair from each committee that is under the Council
  • 1 Board member who is an active participant
  • 3 members at large with relevant experience, selected from general membership by the Board, serving 3-year terms after initial appointment (serves as Past-Chair, Chair, and Chair-Elect)
  • 1 representative from the SAA Board
  • 1 staff liaison
Council Chair Rotates among the 3 members at large on the council.  Rotation includes 1st year as chair-elect, 2nd year as chair, and 3rd year as past chair.
Council  Board Reporting Quarterly calls or meetings with chairs of the councils and the Board.
Council Meetings (Virtual) On a regular basis to facilitate communications and information exchange, as well as to support preparation of quarterly reports to the Board.
Committee & Task Force Composition Chairs and Committee Members appointed by the Board from the volunteer pool. Committees that require Board liaisons: AAAF, ABA, ACAE, SAA, AAA Programs, Coding and Reimbursement, Guidelines & Strategic Documents, Membership, New Professionals, PAC Advisory, PPAC, and SAA Advisory. Some committees will include SAA representation.

Task Forces appointed by the Board of Directors from the volunteer pool and content experts.

Volunteer Appointment All open volunteer positions to be determined and approved by the Board.