Kris English, PhD, is an associate professor, at the University of Akron/NOAC, Akron, OH. Her areas of special interest include audiology education (4th year challenges, outcome measures, program accreditation, preceptor recognition), audiology visibility (within political and health-care landscapes, as well as patient awareness and student recruitment challenges).

Dr. English’s professional activities include: Positions since 1997: Duquesne University, 1997-2002; Associate Professor, University of Pittsburgh, 2003-2006; Associate Professor, University of Akron/NAOC, 2006-present. Professional affiliations since 1997: President, Educational Audiology Association, 1997; Member, Honors Committee, American Academy of Audiology, 1999-2001; Editor, Journal of Educational Audiology, 1999-2001; Member, Student Research Committee, American Academy of Audiology, 2002-2004; Conference Co-Chair, “Teaching Audiology,” University of Pittsburgh, 2005 and 2007; Member, Advisory Board, Audiology Awareness Campaign, 2004-present; Chair, Professional Standards Subcommittee, Education Committee, American Academy of Audiology, 2004-2006; Member, Advisory/Review board,, 2005-present; Co-Advisor, NAFDA, University of Pittsburgh chapter, 2005-2006; Chair, Education Committee, AG Bell Convention, 2006; Member, Board of Directors, American Academy of Audiology, 2006-present

Dr. English believes in and will use “relationship-centered leadership” as a means of increasing involvement and reducing member distance. Not surprisingly, relationships affect outcomes: for instance, patients who experience positive relationships with their physicians actively participate in managing their health problems. Within organizations, members who connect with their leaders take a more active role in the organization’s work. When more members participate in its work — when the work is done not just “by audiologists,” but “by all audiologists” — the Academy will enjoy even more growth and success.