Catherine Palmer, PhD

Catherine Palmer, PhD, is an associate professor in the Department of Communication Science and Disorders at the University of Pittsburgh. She serves as the director of the AuD program at the University and as the director of audiology for the UPMC Integrated Health System including the UPMC Children’s Hospital.

In these capacities she teaches graduate-level amplification and practice management courses and supervises students in direct patient care. Dr. Palmer mentors PhD students and conducts research in the areas of auditory learning post hearing aid fitting; the relationship among hearing, cognitive health, and health outcomes; and matching technology to individual needs.

She has published over 90 articles and book chapters in these topic areas as well as provided over 100 national and international presentations. Dr. Palmer is the editor-in-chief of Seminars in Hearing (Thieme) and is a consultant to the National Board of Medical Examiners for hearing related accommodations.

Angela Shoup, PhD

Angela Shoup, PhD, is a professor in the Department of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center where she also serves as chief of the Division of Communicative and Vestibular Disorders.

She received her PhD in Human Development and Communication Sciences from the University of Texas at Dallas. In her current position, Dr. Shoup is affiliated with the UT Southwestern clinics and hospitals in Dallas and Ft. Worth, Parkland Health and Hospital and Children’s Health facilities.

Dr. Shoup has published articles and textbook chapters on audiologic procedures and implantable hearing aids and has been an invited speaker at national and international meetings. She served as president of the Texas Academy of Audiology, chair of the Ethical Practices Committee for the American Academy of Audiology, and chair of the American Academy of Audiology Foundation Board of Trustees. She serves as Vice-Chair of the Audiology Academy of the National Academies of Practice and is a member of the Texas Deaf and Hard of Hearing Leadership Council. Dr. Shoup is a consultant with Eloxx Pharmaceuticals.

Past President
Lisa Christensen, AuD

Lisa Christensen is the Audiology Program Manager at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas.  Dr. Christensen has devoted a large amount of her professional career to osseointegrated devices in children.  Her research in this area has led to several peer reviewed publications and lectures around the world on this topic.  Her other interests include pediatric diagnostics and amplification, and acquired hearing loss in children and adults. Dr. Christensen serves as a consultant for Cochlear Americas.

Member at Large
Samuel Bittel, AuD

Samuel Bittel, AuD, is co-owner and the vestibular program director for Hearing and Balance Specialists of Kansas City, Inc. He is also a lecturer and assistant professor in the audiology and neurology departments at the University of Kansas Medical Center. He teaches the doctoral audiology vestibular course for KU, as well as the vestibular course for the A.T. Still transitional AuD program.

Dr. Bittel regularly publishes and lectures nationally on topics related to vestibular evaluation and management. His current work includes a forthcoming book chapter in a vestibular-specific text. He serves in leadership roles in numerous state and national audiology organizations.

Member at Large
Jamie Bogle, AuD

Jamie M. Bogle, AuD, PhD, is an assistant professor of audiology at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science. She serves as the division chair of audiology at Mayo Clinic Arizona. In addition, Dr. Bogle holds academic rank at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Salus University, and Gallaudet University, allowing for teaching graduate-level courses and involvement in mentoring PhD students.

Clinically, Dr. Bogle evaluates children and adults with dizziness and imbalance due to peripheral and central conditions. She has mentored over 20 graduate audiology students, supervising them in providing direct patient care in vestibular diagnostics. Her research interests include the integration of visual and vestibular information in individuals with neurological impairments, including concussion, and the understanding of vestibular gravito-inertial information into overall body function.

Dr. Bogle has published 19 articles and book chapters in these and related topic areas as well as provided 90 national and international presentations and 28 graduate level educational activities. She is an editor for the American Journal of Audiology and is a consultant on the scientific review board of the International Concussion Society. She has served as a board member for the American Balance Society.

Member at Large
Melissa Heche, AuD

Melissa Heche, AuD, is the director of New York Speech and Hearing, a private practice based in NYC that focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of auditory disorders, tinnitus, and voice disorders. She is dually certified as a doctor of audiology and a certified speech pathologist. She completed her doctorate of audiology at Salus University and earned dual master’s degrees (speech pathology/audiology) at Hofstra University. She holds a CAOHC certificate as a professional supervisor in hearing conservation.

Dr. Heche works with transit/utility populations in occupational hearing conservation and is a specialist in musician’s hearing healthcare. She is a musician and a certified sound engineer with particular experience in live music venue sound systems. This experience has made her a resource for hearing health care in the music industry and facilitated work in technology within the hearing industry. She is active with the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) organization, with whom she participates in lobbying events promoting early hearing conservation as a part of music education.

Dr. Heche provides informational seminars on topics including: musicians’ hearing healthcare issues, general communication, occupational hearing loss, technology and hearing loss, and business practices. She has been published in national trade journals, discussing increased access to audiological services, noise-induced hearing loss, and musician’s hearing health care. Using case studies, she is active in research involving tinnitus and sound processing.

Dr. Heche is licensed to practice in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

Member at Large
Lindsey Jorgensen, AuD, PhD

Lindsey Jorgensen, AuD, PhD, is an associate professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of South Dakota. At USD, she is graduate-level faculty, is a graduate clinical educator, and serves on various university committees. In these capacities, she teaches graduate-level amplification and aural rehabilitation courses and supervises students in direct patient care.

Dr. Jorgensen mentors AuD students and conducts research in the areas of hearing aids, hearing assistive technology along with the interaction between hearing device use and cognitive ability. She has published in these areas as well as given national and international presentations. Dr. Jorgensen serves on the Editorial Board of Seminars in Hearing (Thieme), Audiology Professional Standards Organization, and several University of South Dakota university and department committees.

Member at Large
Francis Kuk, PhD

Francis Kuk, PhD, received his PhD in audiology from the University of Iowa in 1986. He has assumed a research scientist and hearing aid clinic director position at the University of Iowa Department of Otolaryngology and a faculty position at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

He has been active in the hearing aid industry since 1994 where he served committee roles in various industry associations and interacted with government bodies including the FDA. Dr. Kuk is currently the vice president of clinical research at ORCA-USA of WS Audiology, where his primary roles include clinical research, knowledge dissemination, and strategic planning.

He has written and presented extensively in the area of hearing aid technology and fittings with over 200 book chapters and articles (peer and non-peer reviewed). He is the editorial consultant for several major professional journals in the field of audiology and serves on the board of the American Auditory Society.

Member at Large
Steve Madix, PhD

Steve Madix, PhD, is an associate professor of audiology at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana, where he is also the Student Academy of Audiology (SAA) chapter advisor. Dr. Madix is a graduate of the 2014 Jerger Future Leaders of Audiology Conference (JFLAC). He is the founding president and current executive director of the Louisiana Academy of Audiology (LAA) as well as the is the founding chair of the Future Leaders of Audiology Student Conference (FLASC), which is co-hosted by the Texas Academy of Audiology (TAA).

He has been very active in the Academy having served on many committees and the immediate past chair of the Student Academy of Audiology Advisory Committee (SAAAC), which serves as the national advisor for the SAA. Dr. Madix is a past site visitor for the Council of Academic Accreditation for Audiology and Speech Language Pathology (CAA) as well as a council member.

Member at Large
Kari Morgenstein, AuD

Kari Morgenstein, AuD, is an assistant professor and director of the Children’s Hearing Program in the Department of Otolaryngology at the University of Miami. The Children’s Hearing Program is a unique, interdisciplinary program that provides early intervention and management to children with hearing loss. Dr. Morgenstein is the president for the Florida Academy of Audiology. She is the 2015 recipient of the Young Careerist award by the Florida Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Association, the 2014 recipient of the Most Valuable Graduate award by the Miami Chamber of Commerce, and a previous TEDx speaker. She is a member of the International Pediatric Bone Conduction Working Group. Dr. Morgenstein has numerous publications and presentations at the national and international level.

Member at Large
Brad A. Stach, PhD

Brad A. Stach, PhD, is director of the Division of Audiology, Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, of the Henry Ford Medical Group and Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. He also serves as a faculty member and oversees the clinical education component of the AuD program at Wayne State University Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders.

Dr. Stach is the author of a number of scientific articles, books, and book chapters and is the audiology editor-in-chief for Plural Publishing. He also serves as advisor to the American Medical Association CPT Health Care Professionals Advisory Committee.

Member at Large
Devon Weist, AuD

Devon Weist, AuD, is a clinical instructor and audiology clinic director in the Department of Communication Science and Disorders at the University of South Florida. In these capacities, she teaches graduate-level medical audiology, counseling across the lifespan, and amplification courses; supervises students in direct patient care; and serves as the clinical education coordinator for second and third-year AuD students.

Dr. Weist is member of the IDA Institute, 2018 JFLAC Class, and is the past president of the Florida Academy of Audiology (2018-2019).