CEO, Doctors Hearing Clinic, Montgomery, AL

BS: Education of the Deaf with CED Certification, 1974, University of Texas
MCD: Audiology, 1976, LSU Medical Center
AuD: Audiology, 2000, University of Florida

Position Statement
I am honored to be considered for president of the American Academy of Audiology. Together, we now face new political and economic realities that will challenge our ability to achieve professional autonomy. Becoming truly independent practitioners will require legitimizing audiologists as the providers of choice for hearing and balance health care, and accepting the risks inherent to successfully resolving divergent perspectives in that regard.

Successfully achieving our goal is contingent upon owning every sector of our discipline including membership, certification, accreditation, and audiology support personnel, as well as developing a preferred future for each of those sectors. This effort will require leaders with courage, whose focus on the future will assist Academy staff and members alike in the discovery of innovative solutions to the challenges before us through professionally relevant, carefully prioritized, and skillfully implemented objectives. It will also demand our collective commitment and firm resolve. In today’s health-care arena, only a professional organization that embodies excellence and promotes accountability will succeed in achieving its goals. It would be a privilege to serve as president of the Academy, and if elected, I will work diligently to promote its priorities, strengthen its foundations, and advocate for the professionals it represents.

Areas of Special Interest
Practice Management, Aural Rehabilitation, Amplification


Professional Activities/Employment History

Professional Affiliations