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Who: All AudiologyNOW! 2014 attendees are invited.

NEW TIME! 12:30pm – 2:30pm on Saturday, March 29

Orange County Convention Center, West Building, Hall F

It’s the 25th Anniversary of the favorite Academy tradition, Trivia Bowl. Gus Mueller and Jerry Northern are sure to have some tricks up their sleeves while you students, researchers and practitioners battle against each other in a special competition celebrating the past 25 years of wits and memory. Enjoy lunch, an open bar, and lots of laughs.

How: Sign-up board will be located in the Siemens booth (#306) during exhibit hall hours starting Wednesday at Celebrate Audiology until Friday, March 28. Starting Friday, March 28 at 3:00pm, the signup board will be moved to the entrance to the Trivia Bowl, in the lobby outside Hall F.

History of Trivia Bowl Team Winners


First Place

Student Team

1990 Phonemic Regressives  
1991 Odd Docs  
1992 Seren-Dips  
1993 Seren-Dips  
1994 Odd Docs  
1995 Iowa: The Next Generation  
1996 Phonemic Regressives  
1997 Trapezoid Bodies  
1998 Ear-resistibles  
1999 Seren-Dips  
2000 Phonemic Regressives  
2001 Phonemic Regressives Aud-acity Returns Audibly Better
2002 Aural Sex The Incidental Learners
2003 Nearly Dead Zones Simply "Ear"-resistible
2004 Brit Pack Ear-resistible
2005 AC/DC Shift Paradigm of Odd-Balls
2006 Phonemic Regressives Western Michigan U
2007 The MountainEARs Northwestern University
2008 Charlotte-Tans & Charlotte Ears BAER your ASSR
2009 The Earqulators and FLAC PAC Concha Hear Me?
2010 The Earqulators and FLAC PAC Rocky Mountain Noisters
2011 Not So Pure Tones The King’s Speech Banana Hammock
2012 FLAC PAC Fukuda Matata
2013 Phonemic Regressives The Jergernauts


Best Team Names from the Past:

Managed Care: HI
Bill, Till and Monica’s Multiple Memories
EAR-otic Pitts
BEAR Naked Ladies
Hidden Wax, Crouching Q-tips
Independence Hall-Pikes
Viva Las Tragus
My Big Fat Hairy Tragus
Kiss Our ASSR
Bush and the Ossicular Cheneys
Nice Tymps
BAER to the Left
The Pinna-Up Girls
The Auditory Stimulus Package
Inglorious Maskers
Black Schwannoma
The Girl with the Tragus Tattoo
Ganglion Style

Relive some of Trivia Bowls past questions. Follow us on Facebook for the answers.

  • It was common for the Vikings of the 9th and 10th century to be buried with what ear-related item?
  • According to research at Cornell, “The Willies” often can be induced by sounds in this frequency range?
  • In 2006, it made national news when it was announced that this “music” could not exceed 85 dBA?
  • The first word finger spelled by Helen Keller into the hand of Anne Sullivan was?
  • This great actor of the silent film era was raised by deaf parents (CODA)?
  • According to a USA Today article, what ear-related thing did Dolly Parton and Mother Teresa have in common?
  • “Do you hear me I’m talking to you.” “Boy I hear you in my dreams.” These lyrics are from the most popular “hearing song” of 2009, recorded by this duo?
  • You have probably “heard” your cell phone ring when it wasn’t ringing. The accepted term for this is?
  • This TV personality is known for having one ear that sticks out more than the other (he also has a hearing loss from a botched tympanoplasty)?

Trivia Bowl Collage


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